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On The Fly Fishing Adventures LLC.(406)570-2973 bcavaleri@ontheflyfishingadventures.com

My Background

My name is Brian Cavaleri and I have been in the fly-fishing industry for over 15 years. I spent most of my days fishing the beautiful creeks and rivers of Montana. In total, I spent 8 years in Montana. I then migrated into fishing for Salmon then onto Steelhead. I currently reside in Oregon where I can continue my pursuit of Steelhead.


I began my career on the banks of the Alagnak River in Alaska. I worked at the Alagnak Lodge for 10 years, 8 of which I was the head guide. In 2005 I began traveling to South America to guide. South America always captivated my attention. I had heard of the beautiful landscapes, mountains and of course the fishing. I spent a season at Cinco Rios Lodge in Chile. It was amazing, to say the least. I was starting to enjoy the full time guide life and thought I would pursue it further, Alaska in the summer and South America in the summer.....well, winter really in the US, but an endless summer for me.


I then caught wind of a spectacular fishery located in southern Argentina. In the Patagonia region. Through a good friend of mine, I found out that a guide was needed at a newly developing lodge on some of the supposed best rainbow trout fishing in the world. Rumor had it that there were 20+ pound rainbow trout rising to dry flies? I had heard stories of huge brown trout coming up rivers from their ocean estuaries being caught on flies but rainbows..... I was struck with excitment and could hardly contain myself. Naturally, I went forth with the offer and well, I found myself after 5 years still guiding at Estancia Laguna Verde. My second year I was promoted to head guide and I was really enjoying all Argentina had to offer. The rumor was true too, I had come to see it time and time again. I often see the fleeting image of a huge rainbow coming to the surface. It never has left my mind.


Currently I work on the banks of the NakNek River at Alaska Sportsman's Bear Trail Lodge. I have been there for 6 seasons. I have not guided in South America for over seven years. As life is, I met a wonderfui woman who was just fine with my lifestyle for the first year however, we all know what I am going to say next......it came to this. She did not mind if I chose Argentina or Alaska, either way, but asked if I would only guide in one of those places instead of being gone for 11 months out of the year? I understood,which lead to the opening of my new business, "On The Fly Fishing Adventures."


 Being in the industry so long, I had heard of many horror stories involving the arrangement and sale of fishing trips. Most mistakes made by lack of overall fishing/sales and orgazational skills. Oh, yes....and overexaggerating. That may be the primary reason? Debate able. I noticed fisherman without the proper gear, wrong directions, missed flights and incorrect fishing information for specific times of year. I always corrected the problem as a guide but  wondered how it actually occured to begin with? I did not devote too much time to think about it then. I was guiding, living the good life. Toward the finish of my endless summers, I began to muster up ideas of what I would do after guiding? I did not want to involve myself in the "real world" and all of it's cumbesome rituals. So, I thought I would open my own travel business based on experience, organization, proper expectations and honest service. I want  to devote the business to customer service and delivering the expectations that folks desire on a fishing trip. If those expectations were not possible, I would just tell them and we could arrange something else more in line with their needs. Pretty simple, no? I thought I could  actually host trips with the guests and accompany them in their travels and time at the lodge or on the boats and banks. I can be there personally to provide superior service and any fish savy needed.  


Well, here I am now. I hope you all enjoy the website. I will always try to put up to date photos and videos for your viewing. Thanks for stopping by for a look.

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