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Haa-Nee-Naa Floating Lodge, Dundas Island, British Columbia, Canada. 

My position at Haa Nee Naa Lodge was unique. i was invited there to help out and on my free time I was able to go and fish! It was a great experience and one that I will never forget. 


This lodge is very unique in the fact that it is already out in the middle of the ocean safely secluded in the sanctuary of a small bay. This makes the location of the lodge a huge benefit when moving to and from the nearby fishing grounds. Another reason why this lodge is unique is the availabiity of having a rental boat option. You can choose wether or not to use the available guides and if you decide not to, there are boats that are fully equipped that you can rent for the day to do your fishing. It really is a great option and some folks do it throughout their whole stay. In the picture above you can see one of the rental boats. The archipelago of islands surrounding the fishing grounds near the lodge make the seas, on average, a mild and calm place. The conditions of the ocean mostly depend on the the direction and speed of the wind. It  is rare to have days where there are huge seas that make boating a difficult task. 


If you feel as though boat rental is not for you there are guides on staff that will be happy to take you out for the day. All boats leave at the same time and return at the same time. Folks who rent boats will follow the guides sometimes to the herring jigging grounds and salmon grounds. This behavior is not frowned upon and is accepted with grace. We are all fishing together and the guides will be happy to help you when ever they can. 

A view on your approach to the lodge.



A view from the lodge. 




The conditions you see in the ocean here are common. Its is known for having small swells and calm seas most of the time. 



Two guests per guide is the typical ratio at the lodge unless requested otherwise. 



Your morning starts early at 5 am. You will be presented with a continental breakfast that will have everything you possibly need to start your day. You will then meet with your guide, board the boat and head out to the Herring grounds to jig some bait so you can then begin fishing for Salmon. Spring Salmon fishing begins in late May and will continue into August. In August the Coho or Silver Salmon will begin to show within the realm of the feeding grounds as well. Most guests will try to catch their alloted limit of Salmon first and then go after other species of fish in the area such as Rock Fish, Red Snapper, Halibut, Ling Cod and Black Bass. 


At about 9am. A boat will locate you and bring you hot coffee, hot chocolate or Tea along with a hot  breakfast. It is a wonderful sight to see pulling up to your boat and never goes unappreciated. Fishing will continue throughout the day until you are then given an option of whether or not you would like to return to the lodge for lunch or have lunch brought to you on the water. Then a return to the lodge at around 5 pm is typical. Appetizers will waiting for you and dinner shortly after. The lodge does serve wine and an occasional "specially crafted" drink with or before dinner. All are of great taste and presentation. However, if you would like any beer, wine or liquor for further consumption there are purchase options available at the lodge. 


The equipment used for fishing most of the species is what they call a "mooching rig." Basically its a fly-rod, with a fly reel that has just enough drag tension to get a good hook set. After that you will find yourself in control of the drag yourself with the palm of your hand. Its great fun and the fight is really good with this type of rod and reel set-up. When fishing for Springers you will be trolling in hopes of running across a pod of crusing Salmon looking for food. Most of the time, that does happen. Sometimes it does not, its still called fishing and not catching....


As mentioned earlier and perhaps one of the best options at the lodge is the availability of rental, do it yourself, boats. The boats are fully equipped with all of the fishing gear you will need along with bait, sonar and depth finder, safety equipment and extra gas. The ease of fishing this section of Canada allows for this type of experience.You will have a radio to contact other guides and the lodge. The guides encourage you to fish near them. You will still be included in the daily delivered breakfast and lunch. There are many guests who only use the rental boats and pride themselves in their ability to catch just as many fish and sometimes more than the guides. If you would like a guide boat, it will be an additional $350 per day. 


All of your fishing equipment is supplied by the lodge. All of your raingear, including boots are supplied by the lodge as well. Really, just wake up in the morning and get in the boat. Just doing that will put you off to a great start. This is a very well run lodge with many years of fishing experience. 

Halibut are a common occurance when bottom fishing. 



Spring "Chinook" Salmon are usually reveal white meat once you fillet them. I had never seen that before visiting here. It is delicious. 


Big Halibut caught while bouncing the bottom. 


Large Spring Salmon caught while "Mooching." 



Beautiful Ling Cod caught off of one of the many Islands present in the ocean there. 



Red Snapper



Guests in one of the rental boats. 




Lodge is completely re-done, old video, good idea of the fishing and surroundings....


The lodging and accomodations are beautiful. This first class "resort" is not shy when it comes to fine dining and excellent food. I do not think you will be dissappointed in the least. 


In most cases the guests are provided with their own room unless requested otherwise. You will have your own bathroom as well.


This lodge is one of the finest I have been to all around the board. It has a great staff, wonderful food and accomodations, spectacular fishing, unique location and stellar service. I can not say enough about this operation. Many thanks to Clayton Vanier, Jason Bowers and Robyn Bertrand for making this lodge what it is! 

Bedroom photo



Dining Room table where dinner is eaten every night. 





Your intial search will be for Vancouver Airport (YVR), Canada. From there you will then get yourself Prince Rupert (YPR). From there you will board a bus and be ferried to the town Prince Rupert. From here, the trip in all inclusive in your pre-paid fishing package. Once in Rupert, dependant on the weather, you will either fly by float plane which is about 30 minutes or be taken by boat which is 1.5 hours. 90% of the time you are flown into the lodge. There are a few rare case where you may be boated to or from the lodge. A wonderful woman, and part owner, Robyn Bertrand will be in close contact with you throughout your whole travel experience. Rest assured, you are in good hands and all the little details will be explained to you thoroughly. 

2016 Pricing

3 Day Trip/ $3,350 CAD     $2,729.00 USD

4 Day Trip/ $3,450 CAD     $2,811.19 USD


* These trips are only sold with three or four day choices. 

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