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Cinco Rios Lodge and Estancia Del Zorro Lodge, Coyhaique, Chile

Cinco Rios Lodge is located just outside of a small city called, "Coyhaique." This city boasts numerous tremendous trout rivers all within an hour drive or less. I worked here for two seasons and must say that it is one of the most beautiful places I have guided in. The dry fly fishing was spectacular and average fish size is above average compared to your normal trout stream. If I had to think of a place that Coyhaique reminded me of the first thing that comes to mind would be Bozeman, Montana. The amount of rivers and lakes that are close to town are incrediable. 

Estancia Del Zorro is nearly an hour outiside of Coyhaique. There are a few fishing programs that differ from Cinco Rios Lodge due to its location. The most noted is the Spring Creek that runs directly through the property right in front of the lodge! Browns are caught every season out of this little Spring Creek that exceed 10 pounds! It is one of the healthiest creeks that I have ever laid eyes on and the opportunity for huge browns on dry flies is hard to find anywhere else. 

Estancia Del Zorro Lodge


The fishing opportunities available in Chile in and around Coyhaique are many. The Simpson River runs right through town. The Manihueles, Paloma, Emporer Guirremo, Aysen River, Azul River, Mogote River, Blanco River  and many more are all fished as well.....not to mention the many lakes that you will present a fly in. The variety of fish caught range from Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and believe it or not, King Salmon! The lodge is built right on the banks of the Simpson River and Kings are caught every season that tip the scales at 45 pounds or more. 


Chile is perhaps the most scenic and majestic place that I have had the fortune to fly fish. It's beauty is always present no matter what the day brings and the overall action of the eager trout is enough of please any fishermen. 


Your fishing day begins by leaving the lodge at roughly 8 am. You will have had a wonderful breakfast prior to leaving. Dependant upon where your destination is, you will spend at most 1 hour to an hour and a half driving. Some destinations are much closer and the fishing spot will be chosen by the guides who fish the water everyday of the season. The trips are generally run with two days in a drift boat, two days in a jet boat and two days on a walk/wade. Things can change and it all depends upon weather and conditions. However, most of the time the programs are run as such. 


Most of your fishing will be with 5 and 6 weights with dry flies. The area is incredible for sight fishing as well and they usually come right up for a well presented fly after you have spotted them. You will travel by boat through lake and river systems that are connectd in search of feeding trout. Those were some of my favorite guiding days. A series of undammed, free flowing lake and river system's that you can just jet boat up and through. It is very exciting and truly scenic. I clearly remember fishing torquoise water teeming with crusing trout in search of surface flies. They just seem to appear out of nowhere, in pods and crusing. It is quite a sight to see. A common mistake due to the excitment and visual fish presence was the setting of the hook before the fish acutally had the fly in it's mouth! You can watch the fish come from afar and start to committ to the fly but before they can get the fly in their mouth it is promptly taken away by an anticipating fisherman! It is great fun and creates many memories. 


You will return to the lodge near 5 pm. There will be cocktails waiting along with appetizers and shortly after, dinner will be served. 

River's in the area are commonly scattered with native Bamboo and are crystal clear. It is common to "spot" fish before casting to them.
Brown Trout caught from a feeder stream draining into Lake Elizalde
One of the many rivers you will fish while visiting Chile.

Basic overview of the lodge and surrounding fishing areas.....

I shot this photo while searching for fishing destinations. There were actually trout at the foot of the falls! 



Lago Elizalde, the photo below under,"Travel," is a  Brown Trout  taken while fishing this lake. Its views are stunning. 



A river located just outside of Coyhaique that is full of trout. 




The lodge and its surroundings, along with the food of course are outstanding. The service you receive and attention you are given is second to none. The views from the lodge are breath taking and that will even translate to the views from your bedroom as well. 

A view from above overlooking the Great Room. 



One of the many bedrooms. 



The preparation and serving of food in Chile is taken with great pride. All meals are above average in presentation and flavor. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are all made with excellence. There are no meals that will dissappoint you no matter if your staying at Cinco Rio's or Estancia Del Zorro. 



You will first search for flights to Santiago, Chile (SCL). From there you will then search for the local airport just outside of Coyhaique named," Balmaceda." (BBA) Once you have arrived at Balmaceda there will be representatives from Cinco Rio's Lodge/Estancia Del Zorro present to transport you to the lodge. 

2016 Pricing 

7 Nights / 6 Fishing Days  $4,375.00


* Trips are negotiable, just let me know how many days you would like to stay and I can usually accomodate you. 

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