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Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia

 Located in the Amazon jungle, the lodge hosts an array of flora and fauna. Your camera will not be short of pictures by the time you arrive home again. Don't worry....most of the pictures will be of fish. This lodge boasts perhaps the best Dorado fishing on the planet. It is again, as most of the destinations included within my web site a "bucket list" destination for any serious fly fisherman. 


Agua Negra Lodge



Pluma Lodge



The Fishing...

Fishing and transportation are done in these traditional canoes. 



Juan Pablo guided this guest into a large Dorado



Fly fishing from the canoe.



Sight fishing to some Dorado. 




A typical fishing day will start with a good breakfast of course. Here you will find a variety of breads, yogurts, cereals, fruits and juices. There will be eggs to order as well and of course coffee and tea. You will not leave hungry, I assure you of that. Breakfast is served at 7:30 and you will leave close to 8:30 to begin fishing. 


They offer two fishing programs here at Tsimane. The first is a week at Pluma Lodge. You will have the option to fish five different rivers all with the various species available. The second option is a split trip. You will spend half of your trip at Secure Lodge, float to the next lodge which is Aguas Negras, and finish out your stay there. On the day of the transfer you will actually fish your way to the next destination, very neat aspect of the trip! 


You will begin your day in one of the canoe's that are equipped with a motor and and a poling accessory. The preferred ratio for guide to clients is 1 to 2. That provides the guests with ample attention and instruction. The boat will also include one or more of the indigenous people that reside in the jungle there. They are there to answer questions and provide other services while you enjoy the scenery and fishing. 


The fishing is best accomplished with 8 WT fly rods, weight forward lines and wire leaders. These Dorado and other resident species have bone crushing teeth that will easily cut through monofilament. Large flies are a common sight. Again, as I always mention. Please practice your casting prior to your trip. I can not emphasize that enough. If you have never casted an 8 WT with heavy flies, please take the time to do so. Call me for pointers, send me a video......anything to improve or practice is huge plus prior to your trip. Its a guarantee to make it more enjoyable when that fish of a lifetime presents itself. 


Lunch will be between 12-1 pm. Lunch includes appetizers and dessert to follow. You are sure to eat comfortably while enjoying the chairs and tables that the guides have brought along for your use. 


You will return to the lodge at 5 pm. Appetizers and cocktails will begin at 6:30 and dinner at 7:30. There is an open bar along with wine and beer. All drinks and beverages are inclusive with the trip. Once dinner is finished, folks like to enjoy the company of the other guests at the lodge or use their time for some solitude. Either way, its a very relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere that your sure to relish. 




Juan Pablo and guests with a HUGE Dorado caught on a fly! 



Juan Pablo with a fly caught Surubi. 



Large Dorado caught on a fly
Above average Pacu also caught on a fly.

Just Pictures, but still a great video....

Short video, really neat, some good Dorodo fighting action


The accomodations at all of the lodges under Tsimane are spectacular. Most are riverfront properties surrounded by lush jungles. Animals and birds roam the nearby forest and inhabit the trees overlooking the lodges. The rooms are comfortable and quaint. You will have your own bathroom as well. 

Sitting area in the bedroom with a balcony easily accessable. 



A view of one of the bedrooms. 



A view from one of the lodge walkways. 



Preparation of an, "Asado." 




Your search will be for Viru Viru International Airport (VVI) in Bolivia. This is located in Santa Cruz. Once you arrive there you be met by a representative of Tsimane lodge. They will then shuttle you to one of the finest hotels Bolivia has to offer. You will spend an evening there then take a short plane flight (1.5-2 hours) in the morning. The guides will meet you upon your landing in the jungle and you will be in great hands from there. I do want you to keep in mind that weather at times can cause problems with logistics. Just be patient, and enjoy yourself. Also, things at times do not run quite as smoothly in Bolivia or for that matter anywhere sometimes. Keep an open mind and things will progress as they do. No sense in allowing yourself to be bothered by things out of your control.  

2016 Pricing

7 nights/ 6 fishing days  $7,600.00


* All transportation within Bolivia and your stay upon arrival and departure at a 5 star hotel is included. 

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