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Baja Sur, Pursuit Anglers

Josh Martz opened Pursuit Anglers 5 years ago after returning to Mexico for a visit. He saw the opportunity presented to him and capitalized by opening his own business and fishing for some tremendous ocean fish on a fly rod. The season to be in Baja is April - Mid July. 


Dependant on the time of year in which you arrive, your fishing will be done from the beach using side by side quads as transportation or from one of the many boats Josh has at hand. If your fishing from the beach using the side by side your day will entail searching and hunting for your target fish while driving the beach and scouting. Josh brings along a few rods that will "tease" the fish into fly casting range if they are seen at too great a distance to present a fly. By fishing in this manner, your level of excitment is through the roof and anticipation for a bite has you shaking while casting and retreiving your fly. Many different species are caught from the beach including Rooster Fish, Jack Trevalle, Snook, Dolphin or Mahi Mahi and others. 


If conditions allow, you will find yourself in one of Josh's large ocean going boats. At times you are able to use spinning rods to jig up some very large fish as well. However, if you are soley interested in fly fishing, that is not a problem either. Hunting from the boat is a great fun and many opportunities will present themselves to a fly fisherman. You will spend your time searching for sea birds indicating that there are baitfish below them. Other time will be spent searching for signs of moving fish on the surface of the water and closing the distance with hopes of presenting a fly to the moving fish. When I visit Josh in Baja I am always excited due to the fact that I never know what lies ahead with such a diverstiy of fish in the area. The fishing is exciting.......the house you will be staying in is beautiful and right on the beach, and the food is outstanding! 

Josh Martz holding a YellowFin Tuna he caught on a fly
Yellowtail caught on a fly


A typical day of fishing begins at 8 am. Plans as to what type of fishing you will be doing are usually discussed the night before but sometime change in the morning due to unexpected weather. In any case, it will be discussed with you prior to your leaving for a day of fishing. 


As mentioned earlier. Your day will be spent either boating or driving in search of your quarry. Lunch will be served at some point throughout the day and you will return back to the lodge at or near 5 pm. 

Side by side quads provide you with your beach transportation.
Marlin caught from one of the many boats in the fleet.
Snook caught from the beach on a fly
Trevally caught on a fly from the beach!
Huge Rooster fish caught on a fly from the beach!
Marlin caught and released from the boat
Fly caught Dorado
Rooster Fish caught out of one of the boats.


Great overview of the area, spectacular video....

Josh Martz, Owner of Pursuit Anglers with some guests hooked on to a big Yellowtail Tuna! 

Roosterfish just off the beach in the shallows
Another Rooster landed from the beach.
Dorado, fly caught out of the boat
A day of beach fishing.....


You and the group you are traveling with will be staying in a large house that is located directly on the beach. It has spectacular views and other activities to stay busy if you would like to take some time off from fishing. The setting there is gorgeous and will forever stay etched in your mind for years to come. 


The house is very spacious and allows for plenty of room to move about. Breakfast and dinner will be served here. At times, out of convenience, you may be close to the house near lunch time. If so, you will return there for lunch dependant on the circumstances. 

Image of the lodge at night
Daytime photo of the lodge
A view of one of the bedrooms
The living room
Patio area
Bonus room
A typical lunch served at the lodge
One of the many selections of dinner you will enjoy
A fresh fruit cake for those interested...


Travel to Baja is really quite easy. You final destination will be Cabo San Lucas or SJD. Once you have arrived there. A shuttle service will then take you to the lodge which is about an hour trip through the desert. The intial drive will provide you with plenty to look at if you keep your eyes open. It is a beautiful landscape especially as you near the ocean. 

2016 Pricing

3 Day/4 Night All Inclusive $1,850.00


4 Day/5 Night All Inclusive $2,450.00


5 Day/6 Night All Inclusive $3,250.00


* All trip stays are negotiable, just let me know how long you would like to stay and most of the time I can accomodate you. 


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