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Remote Flyout Destination

Located on the banks of the NakNek River, Alaska Sportsman's Bear Trail Lodge is home to some of the best Salmon and Trout fishing SouthWest Alaska has to offer. Fly outs to remote destinations, along with home river fishing will provide you an opportunity to cast your fly to all five species of Salmon as well as Trout, Char and Grayling. I currently work out of this lodge during the months of June, July, August and September. Just click on the name or picture and see if this is the destination for you....

Alagnak Lodge is located on the banks of the Alagnak River in the South West Region of Alaska. It is a tributary to Bristol Bay. If that name does not ring a bell, Bristol Bay has the most prolific run of salmon in the world. If your looking for bright, fresh from the ocean Salmon, then Alagnak Lodge might just suit you. The lodge sits overlooking the Alagnak River and is home to all five species of Salmon. The lodge is located just five miles from the ocean so when I say fresh, I mean it. The Salmon are full of sea lice. I was the head guide at this lodge for over 8 years so it is an easy recommendation for me. If your interested, just click the name or picture for more information

If your looking to catch Native Steelhead on the fly, this is the trip for you. I have visited the Olympic Peninsula many times and have never satisfied my desire to keep going back! I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Steelhead fishing on the peninsula by a good friend of mine many years ago who resides there. His son guides there now and has been for many years. His name is Gray Struznik and he is the owner/operator of Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing. I worked with Gray for many years in Alaska. He is a Steelhead magnet and expert Spey Caster. If you want a great guide and an outstanding fishing experience, this may be the place for you. Click on the pic or header for information.

Located close to Portland, Justin Crump and Kate Taylor own and operate Frigate Adventure Travel,  their guide service on the many coastal rivers of Oregon. I have worked closely with Justin and Kate over the past five years and they have become friends of mine. If your interested in doing some great Steelhead fishing while receiving top notch pointers and instruction, then let them take you for a guided trip.


Another good friend of mine Geoff Liard, owner and operator of, "Hammerdown Guide Service," is a great choice if your interested in fishing in Southern Oregon. Geoff fishes just about year around for Steelhead and Spring Chinook Salmon. I have worked with and known Geoff for many years and I pass down the certianty of you having a great day on the water with him.


Nathan Cornelius, owner/operator of, " Cast Away Guide Service," would be happy to take you if you are closer to Portland. He guides the Nestucca and other rivers in the area. Nate is a good friend of mine as well and your day on the water will be of quality and service if you so choose to board his driftboat.


Columbia River Guide Service has hosted quite a few trips for guests of mine. Upon speaking with the guests following their fishing trip, they always have great things to say about how their day was and the bounty they caught. If your looking for a day trip using primarily terminal tackle, this is the right choice for you. 

Click above on Oregon or the pic to find out more... 

Perhaps you have heard Montana has great fly fishing along with some of the most beautiful scenery you can lay your eyes on? Well, its true. Montana was my first fishing paradise. I have spent countless days fishing many of the rivers there. With the dozens of  blue ribbon trout streams available to the little known creeks, Montana provides an opportunity to all. I was fortunate and spent over 8 years in Montana living in Bozeman. Recommendations are easy and the fishing is wonderful.....Click above for more information. 

A long time friend and avid fly-fishing angler Josh Martz, owner of Pursuit Anglers, has mastered the art of catching huge fish with flies from the beach! Located just an hour from Cabo San Lucas, you will find yourself in paradise while being presented with the opportunity of hooking Jack Trevalle, Roosterfish, Snook, Tuna, Marlin and other ocean species. Its an incredible fishery with outstanding food and accomodations as well. Click on the heading above to find out more.....


Located on the shore of Laguna Verde, the lodge is just a 15 minute ride to Lake Jurrassic, home of 20 plus pound rainbows that eat dry flies. It is the most incredible still water fishery I have ever been to in my life. It also has a river that drains into the lake which holds fish up to 14 pounds. At the right time, the top water action, along with the sight fishing, is by far the best I have ever seen. I worked as the head guide there for five years. I would spend November through the end of April there. The average rainbow is 8-10 pounds and they are usually aggressive.  I would suggest this trip to any serious fly fisherman looking to break their current Rainbow Trout record. For more info click above..... 


If scenery and dry-fly fishing for aggressive trout with large terrestrials sounds good to you, then Cinco Rios may be your next destination. There are two lodges there, one being Cinco Rios and the other Estancia Del Zorro. I worked for Cinco Rios for two seasons. It was some of the most breath taking scenery I had ever seen while fly fishing for trout. At times I remember missing a few takes because I was so enthralled by my surroundings. The location of the lodge is outside of the town of Coyhaique about 30 minutes. Its a gorgeous lodge and with a spectualar setting nestled just above the Simpson RIver. The diverstity of rivers within 30 minutes of Coyhaique is unreal. You could not fish all of the rivers offered in years. Click above to find out more.....

If giant freshwater Dorado have always facinated you then Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia is hands down the best place you can go to land a trophy. Other species are eager to take flies as well. However, the main target species is the Golden Dorado. Big rods and wire leaders are a must when pursing this powerful species. These fish are not the easiest to land either. They can be quite acrobatic and agile dispite their size. My first year working at Jurassic Lake, I was fortunate enough to meet a gentlemen named, "Juan Pablo." (the gentlemen in the pic furthest person to the right)  After a short period of time guiding together Juan and I became and still are, good friends. I guided with him for 5 years and have known him for over 8 years now. He has been guiding at Tsimane for three seasons and speaks to me often about it. I may decide to work there in the near future. He has nothing but great things to say about the lodge and it's programs. You will be in good hands if your decide to take a true adventure into the jungles of Bolivia. Just click the picture or the heading if you would like some more details about this trip. 

While guiding at Estancia Laguna Verde in Argentina fate led me to Clayton Vanier, owner/operator of Haa Nee Naa lodge. After guiding him for a week he asked if I would like to come and visit the lodge, stay for awhile and give a helping hand prior to the fishing season. I accepted and actually stayed much longer than I had originally planned! It was a great place. I met some other wondeful people that I still keep in close contact with. If your looking to catch some ocean dwelling Spring Salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Rockfish, Snappers and Sea Bass then look no further. This place is one of a kind. Between its location, which is moored to Dundas Island, and it's diverse array of salt water species this place is hard to beat. There is nothing like having a fishing lodge within minutes of some of the best ocean fishing in the area. Click the picture or heading for more information. 

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