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On The Fly Fishing Adventures LLC.(406)570-2973 bcavaleri@ontheflyfishingadventures.com

Casting Lessons

Lessons on casting will vary dependant upon the clients current casting skills. I give lessons in Single Hand casting as well as Double Hand or Spey Casting. The location of where the lessons will be conducted will be of convenience for the client an myself. When giving single hand lessons, most of the time, the availabiity of water is not of concern. Casting lessons can be performed in open areas void of obstructions and structures. However, when conducting Spey Casting lessons it is a great advantage to have water available. 


Previous to meeting for lessons, I will ask a short set of questions to see what your expectations and experience level is. I will then go over with you what I think we can improve and what you would like to improve. All lessons are negotiable in content and its my pleasure to contour them to your liking. 


Lesson Pricing is $70 per hour and $35 per 30 minutes. 


No lesson shall exceed 2 hours due to over absorbtion of information and time needed to practice the material learned prior to moving on to more advanced tactics. 


The lessons can only be conducted if the client is in the greater Portland area. I will be happy to host trips and meet with guests on various trips that we attend together and give lessons as needed. 


Please let me know if you have any questions and it would be a pleasure to answer them. 

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